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Paradise cave in Vietnam

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Dubbed the “underground palace”, the Paradise cave (Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province) is one of the most wonders of the magnificent and magical in the word. Paradise cave Vietnam is a destination which attracts foreign visitor every year.


You can take private car or motorcycle from Phong Nha go further about 20km. Go to foothills entrance you will buy a ticket about 120.000 VND/person. Since moving up to the cave entrance you have to go through two stages: the first is 2km of road and the second is 534 stairs to the entrance cave (570m Long). The 2 km journey you can walk or you can take the tram because this resort offers a car for four people go and back with price is 100.000 VND, six persons go and back is 150000 VND. Next to the stairs climbing stage level, there are two ways to visit the cave; you can climb many stairs or walk in the sloped road but I recommend you should choose stair option because the road is the very slippery slope. There is a stopped place on the doorstep of the cave. At here, there is very enthusiastic guide, will help you understand overview of Paradise cave.



Paradise cave, one of the most beautiful dry cave and greatest in the word. Located in the middle of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, a world heritage site by UNESCO in Quang Binh, Paradise cave – surrounded by underground stream and rocky which is formed 300-400 million years ago.


The visitor’ll be surprised at the giant stalactite of different shapes, with some block more than 50 meters within a 60-meter high cave.


According to the British Association of caves, this cave from 30-100 meters wide, the widest point is about 150 meters. There are two stalactite pillars; each pillar is about five meters high and 100 meters wide stone.


You can book a tour of Phong Nha and Paradise cave tour with VM travel company. 


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5/5 - (3 votes)
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