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Phong Nha – caves town in Viet Nam

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Phong Nha cave – One of the beautiful cave in Vietnam

One day, I watched a program on TV – Discovery, about the largest cave in Vietnam and the world and I saw a Son Doong cave. I very surprised about this land in Viet Nam, a small country, but the cave system is abundance and diversity.


I really love them so I decided to invite my friends to arrive Viet Nam to explore cave in Vietnam together and share the fees.


There were a little bit disappointing because the price to explore the Son Doong cave, it’s very high, expensive and requires a good physical. Although we had enough money we still wait at least 1 year to join this tour.


cave in vietnam


Luckily, we had other options instead of Son Doong cave. We booked the hotel in the Phong Nha center and explored Phong Nha cave on the same day in the afternoon and especially It’s also one of  a beautiful cave in Vietnam. Get on the boat to cruise on Son river. We recognized besides Phong Nha cave is Tien Son cave. The first time we sight see Phong Nha cave by boat. We could see the limestone along the waterfront as we got closer and closer to the Phong Nha cave. The cave appeared large and wide and we could feel the cold air as we entered the cave. The boat slowly drifts along into the cave to avoid noise and echoes in the cave. With colorful lights and different kinds of limestone, I was totally shocked by the natural beauty that was created by nature. The caves were amazing like the interesting and magical tales that I had heard before. We were in the caves for an hour, but it only felt like one minute as I was awed by the beauty of the world’s largest cave in Vietnam


cave in vietnam - dong hoi to phong nha


The boat stopped at station front of the mouth of Phong Nha cave. We began trekking in Tien Son cave. Although the cave smaller than Phong Nha cave but we really satisfied when sightseeing.


Finish the trip we came back hotel to rest and relax for the trip on next day.


On the second day, we booked a group tour to visit Dark cave and Paradise cave. We have worn the protect clothes with the light on the helmet. We very impressed this cave. To arrive there we must kayak through the river. Like the name, inside cave very dark, that is the reason why there is a light on top of the helmet. Not only trekking but also we took mud baths in deep the cave. Finally, we are washing cleaned by the lake in the cave.


Continuous the trip, we visit Paradise cave. If they called Phong Nha cave is the largest wet cave, Paradise cave is the largest dry cave. Please note that: Dark cave and Paradise cave belong to Phong Nha caves system. As same as Tien Son cave which is dry cave, Paradise cave is more beautiful and larger than.


Most of the soil is plasticity clay, wide and relatively flat, the temperature in cave about 20 – 21 degrees Celsius. For easy to sight see, they built the system bridges by woods in central of the cave. These bridges embellish the beauty, endless and pristine of Paradise cave. Compared with the Phong Nha cave, in Paradise cave has stalactites more than about the shapes. Sometimes we would see the new stones or stalactite formation. It’s still wet. When light shines on them, they look like tinsel, twinkling starlight night or diamond in the sky.


We came back home after staying more night in Phong Nha, one of a beautiful cave in Vietnam. Although we really would like to explore Swallow cave, Tu Lan cave or Va cave. But hope in the next time. We had worked to do. See you later Phong Nha, we will be back as soon as possible, special is Son Doong cave. I will conquer you.




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5/5 - (6 votes)
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