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Effective Suggestions For A Cheap Tour In Quang Binh 3 Days

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After spending 4 days in Hue city, we decided to visit Quang Binh province with my 3 friends. We chose private car instead of sleeping bus because we wanted to see more beautiful landscapes on the way to Quang Binh province.


If you never been in Quang Binh before, you must inform some information about this province.  Quang Binh is a coastal province in the North Central Region of Vietnam with population approximately 800.000 people. The distance from Hue to Quang Binh is about 210 km.  Although it’s a small city, it’s very well-known for tourism with a lot of natural destinations.


map-hue-to-dong-hoi quang binh tour - phong nha cave tour


We were so surprised with the total cost for 3 days of 3 people. It just cost 300 USD for trip to Quang Binh province including many amazing places such as Mooc Spring, Chay River, Dark cave, Phong Nha National Park, etc. What a cheap tour!



We book private car service from VM Travel to move to Quang Binh province with a price 89 USD (1950.000 VND). As usual, the private came in time to pick up at our hotel, and a funny driver went together with us. On the way to Quang Binh, we stopped at DMZ and took few hours to visit former battlefield of Viet Nam war. After that we enjoyed some local foods with introduction from driver, he was really enthusiastic to us. We really decided a perfect transportation.


Finally, we arrived at Dong Hoi city of Quang Binh province. We said goodbye to driver and continued the trip. In city center, all of us rented 2 motorcycles as main vehicles in Quang Binh province. Unlucky, we came at festival time so that we had to pay more money to rent. In normal day, it’s just cost 150.000 VND but we had to spend 250.000. Anyway, that’s not problems.


We chose Ngan Ha hotel at Truong Phap street because this area is a favorite place of foreign tourists. Moreover, a lot of pubs work overnight. After spending many times, all of us agreed with a price 600.000 for 3 people in 1 day.


On this night, we planned a schedule for 3 day trip. Our destinations are Phong Nha cave, Paradise cave, Dark cave, Chay River, Quang Phu Hillock, Da Nhay Beach and Nhat Le Beach.


Day 1:

We woke up pretty late in the morning after a long way to Quang Binh. We decided to have breakfast with local food. We used motorcycles to move around city to see daily life of people. After many times of hesitation, we enjoyed a special food with a ridiculous Vietnamese name “Banh Canh Ca Loc” or you can call “Porridge snakehead fish soup”. It cost 80.000 vnd for all of us. It’s not expensive.


Although it was very delicious, we really felt thirsty so that we went to a small beverage store in pavement to satisfy our demands. We ordered 3 coconuts and milk tea cups. We were surprised with the flavor of milk tea in here, and it did taste like Starbuck. The total money for all is 120.000 Vnd.


We started the trip in Quang Binh by going to Quang Phu hillock.  It took 8 km along the coastal road of Truong Phap street. At widen and sand dunes with sea air, you can enjoy comfortable the view of a beautiful sky and participate in many activities. We hired a skateboard to try sand surfing game, and it cost 30.000 for per skateboard. After getting tired, we ate sweet soup to satisfy our thirsty. It was an unforgettable memory on the first day in Quang Binh.

Day 2:

We woke up pretty early in the morning to prepare everything for trip to Phong Nha cave and Paradise cave in Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park. The distance from city center to this place is about 60 km. We visited Phong Nha cave as the first stop. The only way to get access to here by boat with price ticket costs 150.000 for a person. After 20 minutes going along Gianh River, we finally came to Phong Nha cave. We were attracted with natural beauty of Phong Nha cave. Thanks to help of local tour-guide, we knew more information about historic creation of many limestone and interesting stories in this cave.


We decided to visit Paradise cave after Phong Nha cave trip. Paradise cave is located in Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park. Because Paradise cave is more beautiful, we had to pay more money to buy ticket (250.000 vnd). We came to this destination by walking in a small path with the distance is about 1.6 km. If you are lazy for walking, you can rent an electric car but we prefer to walk. After a long walking, we really felt worthy with the money we paid. Inside Paradise cave, we were impressive with spectacular creation of the nature – Sometimes, we thought a strange feeling that we were in “Imperial of Underground”. Although the temperature in outside was very hot, inside the cave we felt like standing in a freezer. It was more amazing with magnificent and magic wonders in Paradise cave.

Day 3:

After a long day for discovering beautiful caves, we decided to swimming in the last days of the trip. Our next destination was the same way in the yesterday. Because we forgot to visit Dark cave yesterday, we agreed to visit this place to fulfill the tourism list. However, we were shocked with the price of this destination. It cost 450.000k for all services in Dark cave, and it cost 270.000 Vnd for zipline walking, kayak boats and some games activities in the river. After discussing, we still decided to visit this place. We followed along Chay River about 5km. When we went inside the Dark cave, we had a strong and excited feeling about the spectacular charm of natural wonder. Because this cave was covered by a thick green moss layer, it made this place have a magical space. We explored every place inside the cave then we let our body in mud pool. Mud in the cave is pure so that it’s very beneficial to human’s health. What a fantastic Dark cave trip! We can only say one thing “you get what you pay for”.


We went to Mooc Spring instead of Dark cave. It’s really cheap for entrance ticket, just 80.000 for a person but we had to pay total 540.000 vnd for 3 people if we wanted to use many services such as swimming, kayak boats and hazardous games on the spring. We took hours to swim on the spring after that we really felt hungry so that we ordered a chicken set including a chicken, a  rice dish and some local foods. We paid 250.000 vnd for all of us.


We came book our hotel at 5 pm. We prepared every luggage and paid back the room at 11 pm. During this time we took a walk along Nhat Le Beach to enjoy the feeling of sea before leaving Quang Binh province.

After 3 days in Quang Binh, we visited many interesting destinations. We really appreciated the quality of tourism over here as well as reasonable fee for every kind of tourists.


We will comeback this place if we have chance in the future. Moreover, a lot of unique places in Viet Nam are waiting for us to discover. If you still hesitate to book a trip to Quang Binh province, these suggestions will help you a lot. HAVE A NICE TRIP IN VIET NAM!



  • You should visit Quang Phu Hillock in the afternoon to observe sunset scene.
  • The atmosphere in Paradise cave is very cold so you should visit in 1pm or 2pm.
  • You can’t bring any foods go in inside tourism destinations, and you must remember to throw garbage into rubbish bin.
  • You must prepare everything for the trip in case some unexpected incidents can happen.
  • You need good health for a long tour in Quang Binh province because most of destinations are natural landscapes.
  • Don’t forget to carry sun-block and anti-insect cream.


Effective Suggestions For A Cheap Tour In Quang Binh 3 Days


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5/5 - (9 votes)
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