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The challenge way to discover Dark cave in Phong Nha – Vietnam

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Discovering dark cave is organized by tourist center of Phong Nha – Ke Bang with many levels of adventure, physical challenge and strong spirit. Trekking through virgin forest and conquer dark cave 6 km from the back door of the cave. The cave has named Dark cave because it is the sealed cave. Except for two cave doors, there is no other point-pit, no light in, which means that all activities engulfed in darkness, just based in the flashlight, the light of the helmet. The Dark cave is the new destination for tourism, not hit in the similar cave such as Swallow cave or Tu Lan cave. But It creates a thrilling and attracted for people who want to conquer the natural.


dark cave tour - Phong Nha


The first day, you will be provided protective clothing, thermostats swimwear, rubber slippers, socks, glove, hard hats, floppy hats, flashlights, life jackets. Go with some group of local professional porter helps carry tents, food, medicine… and support when the situation on the road.


From the legendary 20 route, After visiting historic Tam Co cave, you will begin to climb a grassy hill to enter the forest.


The first 2km trail you’ll feel quite lost power because the trail is too narrow, steep and many obstacles. But in reverse, you will have a strange feeling by a cool green of plants, beautiful flower. The original trees from 4 to 6 people to hug, full of moss clinging, mistletoe or the orchid branches swayed in the wind.




After about 4km trekking, everyone will tired, But it is time for you to E cave, also known as the Thuy Cung cave. From a distance, E cave impress with a turquoise water, green to pain eye, calming sides between the cliffs and wood. All have to surprise before a beautition of “natural pool”.


dark cave - dark cave tour - swimming

After delighted swimming in Thuy Cung cave, you will continue the journey upstream to get to the Dark cave. Now you’ll know the effect of rubber sandal while amphibious strong current or overcome the sharp rocks. It’s no coincidence that the porter he claimed this was the most appropriate type of shoes to conquer the forest road.

dark cave - dark cave tour by car

Entrance cave is about 20 meters wide and 50 meter high.You will camp at a relatively flat open space in front of the cave. Participants also have the opportunity to experience lively animals the nightlife.



dark cave - mud - dark cave tour

The second day, after you are provided protective equipment and hear some rule of a chief, you will start walking at about 6km purely darkness in the Dark cave. You will be shocked be the size of large stones. you’ll explore the dark cave with headlamps, as it’s not illuminated, whose main attraction is to be filled with mud. You follow a narrow passageway that leads to a mud pool, where you can lay down without sinking. It’s silly, but fun.


zipline dark cave tour


But You can choose the other way to Dark cave easier than this above way. You can go to dark cave by zipline, It’s also interested for tourist


-challenge way to conquer Dark cave-


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5/5 - (6 votes)
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