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Play In Hue – What to eat

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I always guarantee one feeling after enjoying the foods in Ha Noi that you’ll love Hue special foods more. The restaurant in Hanoi is not good or not cheap it’s not only delicious but also still expensive. What about Hue food ? It’s a huge question for travelers. Hue food tastes very delicious, and you’ll be surprised at cheap prices.


Although belonging to the North Central separated from South of Viet Nam by Bach Ma Mountain, Hue closes to the South than the North. However, a cuisine of Hue isn’t complex or rustic like South Central of Viet Nam. The biggest feature of Hue food is moderation, harmony, except … the spicy. Hue dishes don’t require a sophisticated form but high demands at all stages. Therefore, Hue’s cuisine coexist both royal cuisine and affordable foods, and sometimes these affordable foods can get to the kingdom palace and the royal dishes such as rice, mussels, rice dishes with ingredients mussels, clams water, peanuts and  cold rice.


Visiting Hue city must try mussel rice. If you can’t stand spicy food, you remind to sellers. What if you forget, you should call an extra bucket of ice to cool the mouth. The most delicious mussel rice especially in Con Hen (pretty distant), or Chi Nho shop selling in Pham Hong Thai street – but they only sell the morning and end at noon not. The mussel rice is very cheap a bowl of about 10.000 VND only.


mussel rice - Hue food

( Mussel rice: about 10.000-20.000 VND : Name “Com Hen” in Vietnamese)


Visiting Hue city must try beef noodle. Unlike to the flavor of traditional Pho Nam Dinh. Hue beef noodle just have a piece of pork leg, a piece of sausage himself, a small piece of pork, and of course it must have a few of beef. With a suitable price approximately 30.000 VND, you can full your stomach.


beef noodle - Hue food

( Beef noodle: about 20.000-40.000 VND; name “Bun Bo Hue” in Vietnamese)


You must try many cakes in Hue city. There are several cakes in Hue city such as Glutinous rice cake, Pancake, Tapioca starch with shrimp, Steamed rice pancake with shrimp, Bloating fern cake. Etc. The most ideal destination to enjoy these cakes is Hang Me (Vo Thi Sau street) or Lac Thien (Dinh Tien Hoang street).


banh beo Hue - Hue food

(Glutinous rice cake: about 35.000VND – 50.000VND; named “Banh Beo Khay” in Vietnamese)


banh khoai - Hue food

(Pancake: about 10.000VND for one pancake; named “Banh Khoai” in Vietnamese)


banh loc - Hue food

(Tapioca starch with shrimp: about 20.000 to 30.000 for one dish; named “Banh Loc” in Vietnamese)


banh nam - Hue food

(Name “Banh Nam” In Vietnamese – about 20.000 VND for one dish)


Barbecue rice noodle and barbecue cake are also a special cuisine you can’t miss. Baked meats are marinated in enough time. That’s reason why meats don’t lose aroma. It’s tender and not dry. All famous restaurants of barbecue rice noodle and barbecue cake located on the Kim Long – Thien Mu Pagoda road. During the trip to Thien Mu pagoda, why don’t you try this food right over here. It’s costs about 20.000 VND.


Barbecue rice noodle - Hue food

(Barbecue rice noodle: about 15.000-25.000 VND; named “Bun Thit Nuong” in Vietnamese)


nem lui - Hue food

(Named “Nem Lui” in Vietnamese; about 7.000Vnd/stick – one dist include about seven to ten stick)


Hue city is the central Buddhism of Viet Nam so that vegetarian foods also play an important role in a life of Hue people. If you believe in Buda, you should choose vegetarian foods to convert yourself. There are a lot of places to find vegetarian foods but the most well-know restaurant is Lien Hoa (Le Quy Don street). Like many Hue vegetarian restaurants, it’s very cheap. My group has 10 people. After enjoying many dishes, and everybody was full stomach. However, we didn’t expect that the bill for the meal is so…….cheap. From the first trip in Hue city, I can say one thing “What a wonderful trip ever”.

Hue food In Vietnam




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5/5 - (5 votes)
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