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Phong Nha Farmstay Information for traveller

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A few years ago, Phong Nha Farmstay of the couple Benjamin Joseph Mitchell and Le Thi Bich was known by many foreign guests. Invested nearly 5 billion for a spacious villa (include ten rooms, swimming pool, recreation room, dining room …) in an arid area, rocky. They have made many people “shocked” by recklessness and their enterprising. And since then, they have found out a particular style for their business. Let’s look through their villa.

Phong Nha Farmstay overview



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Phong Nha farmstay

Farmstay is a rural village in Cự Nẫm Quảng Bình. It was opened in 2010 and designed in the French house style. It has a good view when overlooking the rice fields and mountains of Phong Nha. The village located on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, distance from Hue city is 180km; Hanoi capital is 480km to the south and Dong Hoi city is 35km to the west. Phong Nha Farmstay is one of a biggest attracted destination of Vietnam attracts tourist in the country and internationally.

The best reasons why Phong Nha Farmstay is an excellent choice for staying when you visit Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park are the quiet atmosphere with a peaceful natural landscape, gentle people, hospitality. It’s different with a modern city which so much dusty and noisy. Tourists can fully participate farm work, growing vegetables by hand, irrigation, fishing and chatting with a friendly farmer.


Besides, Phong Nha Farmstay‘s near beautiful site and historical ( Phong Nha cave, Paradise cave, Nuoc Mooc springs, Dark cave), it’s just a few kilometers. Phong Nha Farmstay efficiently organizes different forms of tourism experience by private cars, bicycles, motorcycles…

An undeniable advantage of the Phong Nha Farmstay bases on quality service. Farmstay does not own the well-appointed room and entertainment area, but if we ask all guests about the quality of service here, the answers are: “very good”. There are 17 staffs with good English so can service you as much as possible. Therefore, to overcome the language barrier, many foreign visitors easily select Phong Nha Farmstay to enjoy the feeling of this villa.

Dong Hoi to Phong Nha Phong Nha farmstay

So, when you have planned from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha, let’s choose Phong Nha Farmstay for shelter and choose Phong Nha private cars from us. Let’s us show and guide you Phong Nha tourism.

5/5 - (2 votes)
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