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Play in Dong Hoi – Phong Nha 2 day

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In Quang Binh, there are two best things which you shouldn’t miss when traveling in Dong Hoi or Phong Nha. That are Phong Nha cave and Paradise cave. Besides, there is a beautiful beach with named “Nhat Le”. The appropriate time to come to Quang Binh is the summer. This time, you can both go to a forest and go to sea. You should stay Quang Binh about at least two days to have full feeling of this land. Here is some information about tourism in Quang Binh, you can use it as a Quang Binh travel Guide.

How to go to Quang Binh

From Ha Noi or Sai Gon you can travel by ship, plane or bus to get to Quang Binh. In addition, if you from Da Nang or Hue you can use a private car for convenient.


By train:

About ship, you can refer a Vietnam railway website: Here’s information on time by train from Dong Hoi station



(Train fares for all trains departing from Hanoi to Dong Hoi)

Departs Arrives Train No Hard Seat Soft Seat Hard Berth(6) Soft Berth(4)
19:30 05:35  SE1 $35 $40 $49 N/A
22:00 07:25  SE3 N/A $42 $51 $53
20:10 06:24  SE19 $34 $37 $47 $50
09:00 19:22  SE5 $35 $40 $48 $51
06:00 16:21  SE7 $35 $40 $48 $51
21:05 08:37  QB N/A N/A N/A N/A
20:05 06:32  SE23 N/A N/A N/A N/A


(Train fares for all trains departing from Ho Chi Minh City to Dong Hoi)

Departs Arrives Train No Hard Seat Soft Seat Hard Berth(6) Soft Berth(4)
19:30 18:30  SE2 N/A $58 $78 $83
22:00 19:37  SE4 N/A $60 $79 $84
09:00 09:01  SE6 $52 $58 $78 $83
06:00 04:35  SE8 $52 $58 $78 $83


– Phone number Dong Hoi station

– Address: Sector 4 – Nam Ly ward – Dong Hoi city

– Phone: (052) 383 6789 . Ask for train time: (052) 3839630

– Fax: (052) 3822171


By sleeping bus from HaNoi:

– Hanoi to Dong Ha (Quang Tri) had plenty of sleeping bus run continuously each day. Depart 5pm – 6pm in Hanoi and arrive at 6 -7 pm the next morning in Dong Ha and Dong Ha afternoon to Hanoi also comes at the same time. Sleeping bus of The Sinh Tourist, daily run at 6.30 pm in Tran Nhat Duat, to Dong Ha about 5.50 – 6.00 am. Bus of Sinh often stop at central restaurant. 


– Hoa Hong transportation: two cars (one car parked in Luong Yen bus station, and other park in Nuoc Ngam bus station). Mobile :093 508 6222


– Minh Map transportation:  Lane 6, Kim Dong Street. Mobile: 090 529 1428


– Quang Tuu transportation: Tail National University of Economic – Tran Dai Nghia street. Mobile: 090 352 3077


– Dong Tien transportation (running to Dong Hoi): La Thanh Hotel – Doi Can street. Mobile: 043 83 227 330/ 0984964402


– Hong Phong transportation Hanoi to Dong Hoi at Nuoc Ngam bus station, daily trip are fixed at 7h pm, fare about 120.000VND/person.


By Phong Nha private car service from Hue city

 Privates Car  Types of Private Cars Price
4 Seats
(Max: 3 People)
  • Chevrolet Cruze
  • Toyota Vios
  • Toyota Altis
  • Hyundai Accent
 94 USD
7 Seats
(Max: 5 People)
  • Toyota Innova
  • Toyota Fortunner
 114 USD
16 Seats
(Max: 12 People)
  • Toyota Hiace
  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter
 134 USD


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Hotel in Quang Binh

Saigon Quang Binh hotel ( 4 stars, prices from 60 USD or higher)

Hoa Hong Hostel (prices from 180.000 VND)

Duong Sat guest house, nearby Dong Hoi station ( price 150.000 VND/person for one person include two twin beds) This’s a cheap price but it’s really far from a beach. Contact: MR Hai: 0982 079 969 , 052 383 8904.

Tu Linh Hostel: 61 Truong Phap street (052) 3821 324 ( 200.000 VND/day/4 people, opposite Nhat Le beach, room for 6 people is higher.


Some other reference Hotel list in Dong Hoi – Phong Nha

COSEVCO Star Hotel: Division No.3, Ba Don Town, Quang Trach district, Quang Binh. (tel: (84-52) 513 572/ 514 000; Fax: (84-52) 512 721; number of rooms:30; Price (USD $):18-20).


Nhat Le travel trade hotel: Truong Phap street, Dong Hoi province (Tel: (84-52) 822 369; Fax: (84-52) 827 684; number of rooms:65; price: 13 USD.


Luxe Hotel: Truong Phap street,  Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh ( Tel: (84-52) 845 959).

Phong Nha Hotel: No.5 Truong Phap street, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh ( Tel: (84-52) 824 971; Fax: (84-52) 824 973; Number of rooms: 58; Price: 20-40 USD).


Phu Quy hotel: Nam Phu, Quang Phu street, Dong Hoi street, Quang Binh ( Tel: (84-52) 810 521; )


Phuong Nam Hotel: No.10 Quang Trung street, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh (Tel: (84-52) 820 390; numbers of rooms: 50; price: 10-20 USD).


Song Loan hotel: Ba Don market, Ba Don city, Quang Thach, Quang Binh, Tel: (84-52) 596 024.


Hoang Nhat Anh hotel: 28 Quang Trung, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh, Tel: (84-52) 829 509

Maybe you can read article: All Dong Hoi Hotel Near Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park


Self-travel schedules in Quang Binh


Day 1: To Quang Binh city you can rent a motorbike or a car for the whole day (go to Nhat Le beach, Da Nhay beach) go to the Nhat Le beach on the morning, afternoon rent motorcycles go to Da Nhay beach (about 30km from Dong Hoi), take direction to Hanoi city. In the night, you can walk to night market, go to the river and enjoy the fresh air. you can walk roam throughout the Mother monument.


bai-da-nhay-hue-to-phong-nha Dong Hoi



Day 2: You can visit the Truong Son cemetery, Hien Luong Bridge, Ben Hai River, Cua Tung, Vinh Moc Tunnel. Vehicle remained Motobike or privar car.

Can you visit article to view all destination in Day 2: Tourist destination in the Dong Hoi Vietnam


Day 3: you can purchase tours to Tien Son cave, Phong Nha cave, Tam Co cave, Nuoc Mooc spring (Phong Nha – Ke Bang National park) . The tour will finish at 6h pm, you will come back Hotel to prepare to go to Hanoi. Some other attractions in Quang Binh: Me Suot Monement, Tam Tao church, the ancient city of Dong Hoi, Bao Ninh sand village

You can book tour from VM travel to have a good price. You can refer this three tour postes to book.

Paradise cave and Phong Nha cave tours

Phong Nha cave and Dark cave tour

Dark cave and Paradise cave tour

-Play in Dong Hoi – Phong Nha 2 day-



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