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Quang Binh tourism experience in 3 days

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Quang Binh is a coastal province in the North Central Region of Vietnam. Quang Binh is located at the most narrow east-west direction of Vietnam. Although it’s just a small province, Quang Binh tourism attracted a lot of tourists in recent years because this province has a lot of beautiful and attractive landscapes. I have been here in 3 days to explore many destinations introduced in many Quang Binh tourism forums, and I was so impressive with spectacular nature of Quang Binh province. I’m sure when you visit to Quang Binh province , you won’t feel regretful with your decision. Because I stayed at here in 3 days, I have some effective advice for you if you make up your mind a trip to Quang Binh.


Quang Binh tourism experience in 3 days


When you travel to Quang Binh province, you can feel free to discover a lot of activities from mountainous area to beach. Here are a few suggestions in order to get a convenient travel in Quang Binh province for 3 days. If you never set your feet in Quang Binh, travel experience below will help you avoid crestfallen feeling when you visit in the first time.


  1. The most suitable time to visit Quang Binh ?.

Summer is the most appropriate time for Quang Binh tourism, the weather in summer is just suitable for hiking in the woods, breathing the fresh air, swimming on the beaches or diving into cool waters. Nothing more perfect if you decide to come to Quang Binh in this time.


  1. How to visit Quang Binh province ?

If you’re being in Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to Dong Hoi airport by a direct flight of Viet Nam Airline, VietJet Air or Jetstar.


Besides airway, rail is also a good choice for you to move to Quang Binh. But it will take more time than air. However, you’ll save some costs and also have more opportunities for sightseeing along the way to Quang Binh province.


Apart from two plans over here, you can also go to Quang Binh province by sleeping bus, private vehicles such as cars, motorcycles. Let select the most appropriate transportation for health as well as your financial ability.


According to my experience travel in Quang Binh province, I want to share with you a comfortable way to visit destinations in Quang Binh province. That’s motorcycle with an acceptable price approximately 150.000 per day. However, if you want to visit with a group tour, you can choose another way.


  1. Motels, hotels in Quang Binh

In Dong Hoi, the hotel service is very developed, so you have a lot of choices. If you like the busy feeling, you can choose hotels in the city center area. In case, you have night walking hobby in seaside, there are also many hotels in Truong Phap area.


  1. Special foods in Quang Binh?

In Quang Binh, make sure that you won’t ignore the famous specialties associated with this place:

– Banh Khoai cake: Travelling Quang Binh you can’t miss this food. Quang Binh pancakes with red brick color prepared by using red rice with an attractive smell.


banh khoai - Hue food


– Banh Canh Cua: As a popular snack but nutritious and you don’t need to worry about the safety of that dish because it doesn’t contain any chemical preservatives.




– Banh Canh Ca Loc: This is a very popular breakfast dish. You must try when you have an opportunity to visit Quang Binh. The noodles of this soup are pretty big because they are handmade, soft and chewy. The broth is very sweet because it was made from seafood and pork, bones with many hours in steaming pot.

banh canh ca loc quang binh tourism


Apart from snakehead soup noodles, there are a lot of characteristic soups in Quang Binh that you should enjoy such as oyster porridge, porridge lotus intercession, eel porridge contract.


– If you have the opportunity to explore the cuisine of Quang Binh, you can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy dishes made from sea snake. Sea snake dish is the food with high nutritional value and used in some medicines post.


In addition to the specialties on the lists above, there are still characterized Quang Binh dishes that you shouldn’t  ignore such as: Nuts paste, fish soup potato, filter cake, great-great-roll, …


  1. Tourism destinations in Quang Binh.

Phong Nha cave: There are many branches with a total length of up to 20km. Phong Nha caves is certainly places you have to travel to Quang Binh. In here, you will have a chance to visit the oldest karst mountain in the world formed approximately 400 million years ago Many beautiful limestone caves system with spectacular underground rivers. From inside the cave, the natural masterpieces combined with miraculous atmosphere make you feel excited. That’s reason why people call this cave with a charming name “Heaven on Earth”. I’m sure you will be charmed with this beauty.

dark cave tour - Phong Nha


Da Nhay Beach (Dancing Stone Beach): As an attractive tourism place for anyone. This beach is not only clean but also has many beautiful landscapes with many interesting caves. In here, you will let your body dip in a peaceful beach with clear water. You can also have an opportunity for boating, hiking and hunting.



Nhat Le Beach: From May to August is the best time for you to visit Nhat Le Beach. If you wake up early, you will admire the wild beauty of Nhat Le Beach in a sunrise moment. Moreover, you can feel the taste of nature wind and fantastic feeling in a clear sea. If you are the faithful of food, you can’t miss special seafood right over here.



Tien Son cave: People call this cave as another name Dry cave. It looks like a limestone castle with thousands of colorful stones. When you take the first step into the cave, you can feel a strange atmosphere together with spectacular interior beauty. Colonnaded marble stone with many miraculous appearances makes people ecstatic. It’s hard to be able to visit without touching at marvelous limestone. Therefore, travelers should be careful when touching the stones during the discovery process.

tien son cave - Dong Hoi tourism



Bang Hot Spring: the distance from Dong Hoi downtown is about 60km. you will have a chance to see a natural landscape that is full of charm with verdant hills. You will be immersed in the fresh air and pure water. When you visit here, you can see a special thing that Bang Hot Spring was created by zigzag stream.

bang hot spring - quang binh tourism


  1. Tourism Schedule in Quang Binh for 3 days.

Day 1: Vung Chua – Dao Nest, Nhat Le Beach

You start from your accommodation in the early morning and take a rest for breakfast in Phu Ly.

Around 14 pm, upon reaching the Quang Binh, visit the tomb of a mountain Tho General Vo Nguyen Giap

Take memorial photographs in Da Nhay Beach (Dancing Stone Beach) on the way to the city of Vung Chua Dong Hoi.

In Dong Hoi, find a motel or hotel, after you can walk along the sea and enjoy special seafood here.

Evening in Dong Hoi, you can stroll, take a walk along the banks of the Nhat Le River and visite monument Me Sout.


Day 2: Paradise cave and Quang Phu hillock.

Wake up early, eat breakfast with porridge soup to recharge before heading to visit Paradise cave.

After visiting Paradise cave, I cameback to Dong Hoi city center to take a rest and recharge by lunch for the afternoon tour in Quang Phu hilllock

In the evening, relax at the bar to drink coffee on Tran Quang Khai street. This cafe is very simple architecture but extremely unique that British newspapers had praised.


Day 3: Visit to the Chay River – Hang Up resort.

Phong Nha cave is located about 20km. When arriving at Chay River – Hang Up, you can spend a full day to discover many funny and exciting activities waiting you at this resort.


This is a good schedule for Quang Binh tourism experience in 3 days for your reference, you can also rely on the article to give yourself a perfect schedule which was suitable for the interests and conditions of ourselves. HAVE NICE TRIP TO QUANG BINH TOURISM.



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