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Tourist destination in the Dong Hoi Vietnam

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In ten years ago, Dong Hoi was just a shelter for a visitor to stay a night to travel the next morning. Then today, Dong Hoi is known as a tourism destination in Quang Binh. Dong Hoi Vietnam is the best choose for foreign when going travel in Vietnam country.

Dong Hoi city located on the Nhat Le river, Beside dozens of kilometers the picturesque coastline with quiet beaches, blue waters. There are many historical sites which attract many visitors.


Dong Hoi Vietnam nhat le river


Early morning, a visitor can stroll along the riverside path. The city is so quiet that we can hear the waves lapping gently on the shore. Across the river is Bao Ninh peninsula which is green shaded by coconut. The Visitor can toward the door sea, so they will contemplate  the boats drift slowly over the river and the sun slowly rising from the distance. In downtown park ruins of Tam Toa church leaving only the bell tower. On the top the tower is the dry branches and flying of sparrows flock.


Dong Hoi Vietnam nha tho tam toa


If we continue to go toward the sun, you will reach the Nhat Le river mouth area, peaceful and romantic site. Out of the estuary is the long coast. This field is for guest to leisure and swimming. Many entertainment services on the beach with the special dishes are always ready to serve tourists. Nhat Le beach is beautiful with rough pine forests. On the shores of the sand sea filled with horizontal wires along with purple, yellow flower color creates the beautiful painting.


Dong Hoi Vietnam nhat le sea


Going on the opposite side, also along the embankment, a visitor will come to Dong Hoi market near the river. Close to market is landing site for boats. Seafood is landed to give for needs of people in the city. It also has relics and famous mother monument in Dong Hoi Vietnam.


Dong Hoi Vietnam mother monument


Continue the journey to explore a different side of Dong Hoi Vietnam. The first is Quang Binh Quan – a characteristic symbol of the city. Formerly this was a point on an inspection line North – South. One of the three gate system accumulated by Dao Duy Tu teacher commander to build in 1631. 6Th year of  Minh Mang (1825), this works was rebuilt in brick and stone, and was remodeled in 1961 .


Dong Hoi Vietnam quang binh quan


There’s also a more gates that local call ” Small Quang Binh Quan” is also located in the city.


Dong Hoi to Phong Nha - small quang binh quang

Dai Giac is located in Duc Ninh Dong Ward, Dong Hoi Vietnam is a spiritual destination attracted tourists, Buddhist to visit and worship. In the temple has a statue of  lady Budha which was built by marble; 9m high; weighs 40 ton. This is one of the marble Buddha statues in the country. 


Dong Hoi to Phong Nha - chuadaigiac-quangbinh


Bao Ninh sea coastline with smooth pristine stretches as endless, a wonderful place to become the beach with international standards. Bao Ninh peninsula also has ancient bastion relics and Ca Ong temple which is so cultural fishermen. In addition, a visitor has an opportunity to enjoy the blue sea, white sand, fresh seafood and specialties of Quang Binh.


Dong Hoi to Phong Nha - bao ninh peninsula blog


Tourist destination in the Dong Hoi Vietnam have many palce for traveler to comtemplate and relax, How do you think when you visit on this destination with Phong Nha Private cars.




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