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Vietnam travel guide

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When you go to Vietnam or you’re planning for Vietnam vacation. The first thing is useful for you that the Vietnam travel guide to show something about Vietnam country, people live in there and which best destination should visit. So Today I write some overview for you in short Vietnam travel guide article.


Vietnam travel guide - Phong Nha to hue

Vietnam is a country lying in the south-east Asia. It has everything typical of tropical climate. With a coastal line of 3260km, here embodies Paradise of diverse topographic features such as quiet valleys, fanciful beaches, challenging mountains, breathtaking sightseeing along the coastal line. In reference to history, the country represents a typical oriental culture. Despite having quite an early history attached with agriculture, the country has been experienced both pervasions of eastern and western culture. It is a reliable and persuasive witness of the world’s steps in history. There are many amazing historic sites to discover such as Cu Chi Tunnel in the south or Dien Bien Phu battlefield in the north. Another great option is going to a museum in almost every cities you come by. Excitingly, almost every single city of Vietnam has quite a history to tell.


With such variety of nature landscape and a long engaging historyVietnam has become very popular to travelers, backpackers, researchers and tourists. The government is welcoming and the people are friendly. Food and accommodation are reasonable and surprisingly cheap in some particular places. Transportation is highly dynamic and flexible with affordable prices. However, that does not mean it is completely safe and easy traveling in Vietnam. You can find many articles about Vietnam travel advice on the internet though here are some effective and valuable guidelines and tips that would help your trip a satisfying, successful and memorable one.




A very first guide for hitchhikers is that Vietnamese are not used to the concept of “hitchhiking” yet. Mostly because people use mainly motorbike as their daily life vehicle. Car driver found on national roads and highway can be waived and agree to give you a ride but they usually expect a pay. Also, the hitchhike sign (thumb up) is not common in Vietnam. Instead, a wave expresses more of a demand for stop and picking up.


For addicts to nature and hikers, Vietnam has a breathtakingly long beautiful coastal line to go trekking or take a real trip with a motorbike for several days. It depends on how many attractive places you find along the way and how long it keeps you stay. There are also a lot of national parks with a high level of biodiversity and fantastic nature landscapes to fancy the most hard-core traveler.


Back to the city, a warm and fresh start of the day by a bowl of pho (Vietnam national noodle soup) and Saigonese-style ca phe sua da (iced coffee with milk) with a view looking to Ben Thanh market will satisfies the most tired vagabond and promise to fulfill your tank of energy and inspiration.


For backpackers and travelers on a budget, remember to bargain with local sellers. You do not want to spend as much money as for a two way train ticket on just a piece of souvenir. Prices offered to foreigners are very different from their real value. They are assumed to be offered much higher to gain a high return for sellers. And it is expected that you make a bargain with them, so do not be shy too and I thinks this is the best point in Vietnam travel guide.


Priority in Vietnam travel guide, Large cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh provide thousands of hearty and friendly accommodations in many forms. If you are spare or looking for a well-supplied and elegant relaxing holiday, hotel, villa and mansion are always best choices. In special village or cities like Moc Chau in the north or Da Lat in the south can even offer you their special local house on stilts or French-style mansion house available for rent.These are promising to be one of your most memorable holidays.


In recent years, hostel and dormitory are becoming very common in Vietnam. These types of accommodation have prevailed over traditional hotels at an incredibly fast rate. Even native traveler now switch to hostel or dormitory which enable them to save more money and explore more instead. You can find a variety of choices on the internet and pre-book them free of charge. Hostel and dormitory are new in Vietnam anyway so most of this type of business are run by young people. They can be a whole family’s business and travelers will have the opportunity to hear very interesting stories about local Vietnamese and earn a remarkably chummy good time with them. They can also be single young adults who also travel much, love traveling and connecting. They are proactive, friendly, warm welcoming and very fluent in foreign languages. They supply service with enthusiasm and intimate welcome. In short, small private accommodation service in Vietnam makes you feel like a family here and you’re part of the community.

–Vietnam travel guide–

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